HollyBash was a Smash: Rowan’s Annual Event Brings Students Together

This entire semester I have been focusing on the issues that all of us students go through, but I wanted to dedicate this post to something that brought us all together. Rowan holds it’s annual event called HollyBash that is used to bring student’s together through a fun experience. The events was held right in the center of Rowan’s campus and student’s gathered from all over to enjoy the fun!

When arriving at the events each student was given eight food tickets worth eight dollars and a free little HollyBash gift.  This was nice of Rowan to give this out.

Devon Dyer was the coordinator for this event and when talking with her about Holly bash she described it as going “extremely well.”

Dryer also said, “This event was created 3 years ago in 2016 as a direct response to the decline in attendance at concerts not only at Rowan, but colleges in the surrounding area as well. Hollybash was created to simulate a festival vibe rather than just a concert. By bringing in food, rides, entertainment, and other aspects, the event opens up and attracts more than just one type of college student. It is the perfect way to kick off the end of the semester and get ready for summer!”

At the event was 8 different food trucks, a Ferris Wheel, Zip Line, and Rock Wall, and  about 8 different vendors for participants to interact with, such as henna, caricaturists, personalized water bottles, etc. Also, yard games like huge checkers and bean bag toss. All of these activities were enjoyed by the over 3,000 students that came to the event.

Lily Stabile, a sophomore at Rowan worked the event and said, “This event brings people together because people like music.” This was speaking towards the finale of the event being the amazing concert held by Andy Grammer.

Nitrelle Herron, a sophomore at Rowan, also enjoyed the fun festival-like experience. “It’s fun and you should come out,” was her advice to other students as she ate her pesto-chicken sandwich from one of the food trucks.

It was nice for once to go to an event held by our University that was just solely for pure fun instead of just about prying more work from our brains.  As advice for all students, keep on the look out for future events because they are totally worth the break form school! Hopefully next semester I found time to go to more of these events!

The event was a major hit and it was nice to see all of us students gathered together talking to each other and having fun as one University.  Although it was hard for my journalistic mind not to notice the protestors for the new co-pay controversary for the Wellness Center here at Rowan. They held up signs and marched across the street chanting slogans like “Co-pay, no way.”  Although this controversial issue was going on it did not seem to phase the atmosphere of the event, but maybe this will be an issue that I will be writing about in the future…


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